Hi, I'm Rebecca.

I love talking about sex & relationships!

I'm the quirky, bookish type who is easy going and


I play a mean air guitar and will be the one at a party having a deep & meaningful conversation - unless I'm on the dance floor.

  • You'll often find me connecting with the natural world, tending to my garden and creating joyful habitats for the living creatures to thrive in.


  • I'm a spirited, creative, enthusiastic student of life  who lives intuitively and for personal growth. 


  • I'm fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. 


So, what makes me your go-to person to help you level up the sex, intimacy & relationships in your life?



I'm living the FIFO / DIDO lifestyle. So few people understand the FIFO/DIDO lifestyle like we do. 



I've lived in 5 countries and traveled solo to more than 25. 


I've also been living a life of social distancing and isolation for more than 2 years due to health challenges. 



Not only do I fully understand isolation and loneliness, but I learned how to navigate long-distance relationships, and to connect and communicate with others around me - no matter who they were, or where I was.



If I can navigate those complex

challenges to connection,

I can help you navigate yours.



I've spent 100s of hours in deep & meaningful conversations with FIFO/DIDO people, as well as being in these relationships myself.



I know how common

sex, relationship & intimacy challenges are.



I know stigma & taboo can surround these topics.




 I'm so glad you found me. It's hard to find the right person to really talk about these things with.




I hate the idea of knowing people like you are struggling with sex, intimacy & relationship challenges.



I've overcome (and still work on) my own sex, intimacy & relationship challenges.



It's normal to have them.



Few of us live life without challenges in this area. 




I use the tools

and tips

I share with you

in my own




Could your worlds be better?




I can help you!




Not only do I have a lot of personal experience that can help me better understand your challenges, but I also have a passion for ensuring the people I help receive solid information. I have the qualifications to support that, too. 


Master of Science in Medicine (HIV, STIs & Sexual Health Counselling)  University of Sydney


Graduate Diploma in Sexology  Curtin University


Bachelor of Counselling  University of Notre Dame Australia


Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy  International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia


Level 1 & 2 Clinical Training - Gottman Method Couples Therapy


100s & 100s of hours in Ongoing Professional Development 



If you're ready to live your best life in both worlds,

I can't wait to help!

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