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When clients come to me, they're usually feeling...

  • ​Isolated

    The FIFO / DIDO lifestyle can feel isolating. You're far away from those that mean the most, and people who don't live this lifestyle just don't get it. 

  • Misunderstood

    FIFO / DIDO was meant to be the answer to a lot of problems, but it created a whole new set. You're living separate lives and it's hard to understand each others point of view. 

  • ​Disconnected

    Communication is hard enough when living in a conventional relationship - the FIFO / DIDO lifestyle takes things to a whole new level. If communication is poor and understanding & connection are low then sex and intimacy suffer.

That's where I come in.

We all want to feel seen, heard and loved.


Working with me will help you get to that easy living you dreamed this

lifestyle would be. 

What if you could have better sex, stronger connection and more intimacy right now?

  • Feel seen.

    Let's face it, whether you're the one coming & going, or the one at home - this shit ain't easy! It's more work than you imagined, and it's relentless. You want to know that your effort and sacrifices are appreciated.

  • Feel heard.

    Communicating in the vortex of the FIFO/DIDO lifestyle can be maddening. It's crucial that your communication skills are sharp so you can say what you need, express what you want, and be able to really listen & support  the people who matter most.

  • Feel loved.

    Feeling loved and having a happy sex life - yes, please! FIFO / DIDO is a unique lifestyle and it's normal  for things to get a bit off track. It's also normal to reach out for support so you can have better sex & intimacy and more satisfying relationships.

​You sacrifice so much.


You've seen so many FIFO / DIDO relationships fall apart.



You're determined not to let this lifestyle

rob you of everything

you've worked

so hard for. 

As a sex, relationship & intimacy coach, I help people: 

  • Rekindle sexual connection

    It can be hard to have or want sex when feeling anxious, stressed, resentful, misunderstood or underappreciated. And navigating sex & intimacy at the beginning and end of RnR when feelings are often more raw can be tricky.

  • Find meaningful opportunities for sex & intimacy when single

    This lifestyle can make it difficult to create the connections you're dreaming of, particularly when you're single.

  • Explore their sexuality & enhance their sex life

    It's normal to have questions, concerns, curiosities and a desire to enhance your sex life.

  • Find clarity about what matters

    This lifestyle highlights how important time is and encourages clarity about what matters in life, what is most important to spend time on, and why all of these sacrifices are being made.

  • Navigate the complex challenges to healthy communication & connection 

    Get help to overcome circumstances or conditions getting in the way of enjoying the relationships that matter most to you - including the one with yourself.

Meet Your New Coach

Hi, I'm Rebecca.

As someone in a long-term DIDO relationship, I know all too well how quickly things can turn - for better and for worse...sometimes in the same day!


I'm a clinically trained sex, relationship & intimacy specialist and I'm super passionate about offering my skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the

FIFO / DIDO community!

  • I'm a podcast enthusiast 

  • Barefoot bush walker

  • Straight shooter

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